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Arpitha Bykere, Rachel Ziemba, Kavitha Cherian and Christian Menegatti

Rachel Ziemba is RGE Monitor's lead analyst for oil exporting economies and China. She has a particular interest in the strategies of sovereign wealth funds, their impact on financial markets and energy supply risks. She has an AB from the University of Chicago and an M Phil in International Relations (International Political Economy) from St Antony’s College, Oxford University.

Arpitha Bykere is RGE Monitor's Lead Analyst for South and South-East Asia, U.S. and International Trade.

Kavitha Cherian is RGE Monitor's Lead Analyst for Geopolitics. She holds a BA from Delhi University.

Christian Menegatti is RGE Monitor's Managing Editor and Lead Analyst. Christian holds a PhD in economics from the University of Venice (Italy) and a Masters Degree in economics and finance from Venice International University. He joined RGE Monitor after spending three years as a Research Scholar at the department of economics at New York University. Christian’s areas of expertise are the global macro, US economy, monetary policy and capital flows – foreign reserve accumulation.

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