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Dr Dan Steinbock is a recognized expert of the multipolar world. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment and risk among the major advanced economies (G7) and large emerging economies (BRICS and beyond). In addition to his advisory activities (, he is affiliated with major US universities as well as international think-tanks, such as India China and America Institute (USA), Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (China) and EU Center (Singapore).

Dr Steinbock has consulted for international organizations, government agencies, financial institutions, multinational companies, competitiveness institutes and NGOs. He is a Senior ASLA-Fulbright Scholar (Stern School of Business/New York University, Columbia Business School, New School for Social Research) and affiliated with the global business school network of Prof. Michael E. Porter (Harvard Business School). His commentaries are released in major outlets in a dozen nations across all regions. He divides his time between New York City, Shanghai, occasionally Europe and often traveling, especially in Asia.

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