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  • East Asia Forum

    Myanmar’s elections need a fraud-free makeover

    Author: Naing Ko Ko, ANU While problems have largely been ignored over the decades, Myanmar has a long record of electoral corruption and fraud. But electoral corruption undermines the domestic legitimacy and authority of Myanmar’s governments and governance. So authorities should act as quickly as possible to regulate corruption to manage the negative externalities arising from...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Strengthening Jakarta–Jayapura trust key to development in Papua

    Author: Yulia I. Sari, ANU In order to improve the effectiveness of development strategies in Indonesia’s Papua province, trust between the central government in Jakarta and the Papua provincial government in Jayapura needs to be strengthened. The PNPM-RESPEK initiative is a case in point.Following its establishment in 2008, PNPM-RESPEK (the Village Community Empowerment Program in Pap...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    China prepares to take the wheel at the G20

    Author: Adam Triggs, ANU The G20 is often referred to as the world’s ‘steering committee’ and in less than five months China will be firmly behind the wheel. At recent G20 summits and meetings in Beijing and Shanghai, government officials, academics and business representatives were asking two questions: what should China do with its G20 presidency and what sort of leader will it b...more

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  • The Gulf blog

    Why IS militants destroy ancient sites

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  • Zambian Economist

    Zambia Monetary Policy Statement (August 2015)

    Editor's note : The Bank of Zambia released its quarterly monetary policy statement in August. It noted the need for fiscal consolidation, by addressing revenue shortfalls and rationalising expenditures, in order to achieve fiscal sustainability and lower government security yield rates. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) held its meeting on 10th August 2015. The MPC considered dev...more

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  • Zambian Economist

    Zambia Kwacha Chaos: BOZ Response

    Editor's note: A recent statement from the Governor of the Bank of Zambia on the sharp depreciation of the Kwacha which has seen it breach K9 per US$1 and now looks inevitable to reach K10 as copper prices tumble and the fiscal deficit worsens. The BoZ analysis is looking outdated with every minute.Having had our Quarterly Media Briefing earlier in the month we thought we would not be co...more

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