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  • East Asia Forum

    Renminbi stepping in right direction toward internationalisation

    Author: Thierry de Longuemar, ADB Over the past several decades, we have seen how Chinas high economic growth and increasing economic integration with other countries have led to a dramatic increase in its clout in global output and trade. Just look at the facts. China is now the world’s second largest economy, accounting for 12 per cent of global gross domestic product in 2013...more

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  • China Matters

    The Unelected Battle the Selected: Democracy in Hong Kong

    Anybody who does not start his day by placing his brains in a sack and vigorously slapping them against a nearby wall presumably realizes that the current agitation in Hong Kong is not just about students.  It represents the culmination of years of struggle against encroaching PRC control by liberal, pro-democracy, and anti-Beijing activists, many of them adults and quite a few of ...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Looking for a plus-one, Japan turns to Vietnam

    Author: Kensuke Yanagida, Japan Institute of International Affairs As Japan seeks to diversify its investments beyond China, an opportunity arises for Vietnam to attract greater international investment. Over the past few years, firms invested in China have started diversifying their investment destinations and reducing their overreliance on China, in what is called the ‘China Plus One...more

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