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  • Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality...

    Linky Linky, Tweety Tweety...

    Ezra Klein: What Andrew Sullivan's Exit Says George Dvorsky: "Scientists from Stanford Medical Center have devised a technique for extending the length of human telomeres..." Bill McBride: Demographics and GDP: 2% Is the New 4% http://ww...more

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  • Marginal REVOLUTION

    Super Bowl art museum landscape betting lending markets in everything

    Seattle Art Museum and New England’s Clark Art Institute are wagering temporary loans of major paintings based on the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. The masterpieces that have been anted up showcase the beautiful landscapes of the Northwest and the Northeast respectively. The article is here, more here, and for the pointer I than...more

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  • Economist's View

    'Saying the Obvious' (about Fiscal Policy)

    Simon Wren-Lewis: Saying the obvious: Give any student who has just done a year of economics some national accounts data for the US, UK and Eurozone, and ask them why the recovery from the Great Recession has been so slow, and they will almost certainly tell you it is because of fiscal austerity. And they would be right, as I set out in this recent VoxEU piece. There I present some back...more

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    Can monetary policy turn Argentina into Japan?

    Monetary policy is as much about politics as it is economics. It affects the ways in which wealth is created, allocated, and retained and it determines the balance of power between providers of capital and users of capital. In January one of my readers kindly passed on to me a link to an interesting report published two years ago by Bain and Company called “A World awash in Money: Capi...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Are Myanmar’s reforms stalled?

    Author: Trevor Wilson, ANU Myanmar’s initial reforms beginning in March 2011 were dramatic and surprised everyone, but they are still incomplete and not always operating well. Many problem areas have not yet undergone reform (such as land reforms, judicial system reform, and ending human rights abuses), meaning that much ‘unfinished business’ remains. But this does not mean that My...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Democracy-loving media’s misleading coverage of Hong Kong protest

    Author: Ivy Lee, CSUS For the West, democracy is not only a core value but also represents the best possible form of government for all nations.  This notion determined how the Western media perceived, interpreted and covered events in the 2014 Hong Kong protest. When thousands of students called for a weeklong boycott of classes to demand open candidate nomination for Hong Kong’s up...more

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