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  • The Arabist

    Cairo's moral panic

    On December 7, the police raided one of Cairo’s few working hammams, a run-down bathhouse in the center of the city where gay men sometimes cruised. They marched over twenty nearly naked, cowering patrons out into the street. A female reporter, Mona El Iraqi, and her investigative team instigated and filmed the raid for a program called “El Mustaghabi” (”The Hidden”). She defen...more

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  • MEI Editor's Blog

    Britain Raids the Syrian Coast: HMS Doris at Alexandretta 1914

    We have previously talked about the British proposal at the outset of the Great War in the Middle East for an amphibious landing at Alexandretta (İskenderun today); that post looked at the strategic importance of the port, and future posts will delve further with the fate of the landing project; but in the meantime, it's time to talk about Britain's naval operations on the Syrian coast ...more

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  • Informed Comment

    Kurds inflict first Major Defeat on Daesh/ ISIL, Rescue Yezidis of Sinjar

    By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) — The pan-Arab London daily, Al-Hayat [Life] reports that the Iraqi Kurdistan paramilitary, the Peshmerga, have taken Mt. Sinjar from Daesh (what Arabs call ISIL or ISIS). They have therefore saved several thousand members of the Yezidi (Izadi) Kurdish religious minority, who have been besieged and sometimes enslaved or massacred in the thousan...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Hopes on the economic upside in Indonesia

    Author: Peter Drysdale, East Asia Forum We begin the 2014 ‘year in review’ series, looking at developments in Asia over the year past and the prospects for the year ahead, with a look at how Indonesia is travelling and the prospects for its economy. The contest that saw Joko Widodo (Jokowi) elected as Indonesia’s president was a tough test for democratic transition in...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Optimism on the rise in Indonesia

    Author: David Nellor, Jakarta A greater sense of optimism prevails in Indonesia about the economy in 2015 than a year ago, even though the reality is now more challenging. Growth is slowing, business costs are on the rise, and key economic vulnerabilities persist. In simple terms, the new government of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has been dealt a difficult hand of cards. At the same t...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Is China’s Coast Guard troubling the waters?

    Author: Lucio Blanco Pitlo III, University of the Philippines The establishment of the China Coast Guard (CCG) in 2013 created a huge stir. Neighbouring countries may see the CCG as a major instrument for China to reconfigure maritime power structure in the region. The CCG was established under the State Oceanic Administration (SOA), from the merger of several formerly disparate agencie...more

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Finance & Markets

  • naked capitalism

    Putin: Battered, Bruised But Not Broken

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  • The Skeptical Speculator

    Stocks rally but also face risks

    Stock markets mostly rose last week. The MSCI All-Country World Index rose 2.3 percent, led by stocks in the United States and Europe. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index jumped 3.4 percent while the STOXX Europe 600 Index rose 3.0 percent. Asia underperformed last week, with the MSCI All-Country Asia Pacific Index slipping 0.2 percent. However, the Shanghai Composite Index jumped 5.8 perc...more

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  • Calculated Risk

    Monday: Existing Home Sales

    From James Hamilton at Econbrowser: Do falling oil prices raise the threat of deflation?If gasoline prices stay where they are and if we buy the same number of gallons of gasoline this year as last, that leaves us with an additional $160 billion to spend over the course of the year on other items. If we restate the total savings for U.S. consumers and businesses in terms of the 116 milli...more

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