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  • International Political Economy Zone

    Peruvian Alejandro Toledo on Fixing Venezuela

    Simon Bolivar's ideological successors have much to answer for.There's good commentary from former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo in the New York Times on fixing Venezuela for good. But first, let's recount how it got into such a bad situation. Sure, Venezuela can resort to endless stopgap measures like supposedly borrowing another $5 billion from China just last month. However, Chi...more

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  • Informed Comment

    Warren Buffett betting big on Wind Energy in Nebraska, & other Planet-Saving News

    By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) – Wind power is on a roll in the US despite a fickle Congress and the machinations of Big Coal and Big Gas to keep all the subsidies for themselves. And one of the world’s most successful investors, Warren Buffett, has noticed. As of the end of the first quarter of 2015, 13.6 gigawatts of electricity generating capacity from wind is being ...more

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  • Informed Comment

    Black Lives Matter in Israel too: Protest against police violence

    By Lauren McCauley, staff writer | ( | — Several thousand people, mostly hailing from Israel’s large Ethiopian population, took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday to protest racism and police brutality against ethnic minorities. According to reports, marchers blocked highway traffic chanting and bearing signs which read: “A violent policeman must be p...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Where have all Japan’s young people gone?

    Author: Peter Drysdale, East Asia Forum The remarkable ageing of the populations in most advanced economies is no more evident or precipitate than in Japan. Earlier, Japan’s and other countries’ anti-natal policies encouraged a lowering of birth rates in an attempt to boost the chances of economic advancement. In a decade or two, the impact of China’s one-child policy,...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Japan’s race against the ageing clock

    Author: Atsushi Seike, Keio University The ageing of Japan’s population is globally unprecedented both in its level and its speed. The proportion of people aged 65 years old and over is now more than one-quarter of the total population of Japan — proportionally, the largest in the world. This will grow to one-third of the total population in 2035. It took only 24 years — from 1970 ...more

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  • East Asia Forum

    Indonesia’s automotive industry shifts up a gear

    Authors: Kaoru Natsuda, Kozo Otsuka and John Thoburn, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University In 2012 Indonesia produced more than one million motor vehicles for the first time. Its vehicle output rose 3.6 times during 2000–12. This was a large increase compared with global output growth of 1.4 times, while neighbouring Malaysia’s output only doubled. By 2014 Indonesian output reached ne...more

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