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  • The World

    Smart Reads 30 October 2014

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  • China Matters

    Clap Harder or the Hong Kong Tinkerbell Gets It!

    Chronicle of a Leak Foretold[I was preparing to post this on October 24.  If I had, I would have gained major Nostradamus cred, since I predicted the next shoe to drop from the pro-Beijing oppo research caterpillar would probably drop on Benny Tai’s head.  That’s because the leaks seem to track the Occupy strategy and the central figure at each phase, and I figured it was ...more

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  • Informed Comment

    Halloween Poetry: W. B. Yeats, “All Souls’ Night”

    All Souls’ Night By W.B. Yeats Midnight has come and the great Christ Church bell And many a lesser bell sound through the room; And it is All Souls’ Night. And two long glasses brimmed with muscatel 5 Bubble upon the table. A ghost may come; For it is a ghost’s right, His element is so fine Being sharpened by his death, To drink from the wine-breath 10 While our gro...more

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