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China’s Shadow Banking System

Chinese debt concerns are complicated by two structural issues – the rise in borrowing by local governments and the increase in the role of the shadow banking system. Both sectors are testament to Chinese entrepreneurial spirit, but also point to deep problems in China’s financial system. Local But National… Outside of security matters or foreign [...]

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United States

U.S. Economic Profile: Encouraging Signs

So much for pessimism. Most of the key economic reports for March are in and the general message looks encouraging… again. You can never say anything definitive about the business cycle in real time, but the data in hand today strongly suggest that the recent turbulence in some economic reports was only a temporary blip [...]

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Crisis in Crimea

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates, evoking fond memories of the Cold War.

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Global Macro

The Changing Face of Global Risk

NEW YORK – The world’s economic, financial, and geopolitical risks are shifting. Some risks now have a lower probability – even if they are not fully extinguished. Others are becoming more likely and important. A year or two ago, six main risks stood at center stage: · A eurozone breakup (including a Greek exit and [...]

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At this point, why is the Fed reducing policy accommodation in the first place? ... In short, there seems to be a disconnect between the Fed’s rhetoric and the general policy direction.

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Dan Steinbock

Dr Dan Steinbock is a recognized expert of the multipolar world. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment and risk among the major advanced economies (G7) and large emerging economies (BRICS and beyond). In addition to his advisory activities (, he is affiliated with major US universities as well as international think-tanks, such as India China and America Institute (USA), Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (China) and EU Center (Singapore).

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