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Curbing China’s Growing Narcotics Market

Drug syndicates are struggling to create a foothold in China. It’s time to fight back. If you like to take long walks in Shanghai, this may have been the first summer when you detected something new in the air: the scent of marijuana. It is a sad experience that leaves one apprehensive. Rising threat The [...]

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EconoMonitor — Special Announcement

NEW YORK, Jul 21, 2015 — Roubini Global Economics, a leading provider of independent, global macroeconomic research, today announced the formation of EconoMonitor LLC, a new joint venture between Roubini Global Economics and Ashmore Media Group. In August 2015, EconoMonitor LLC will be relaunching the EconoMonitor blog, a community for informed commentary on economic, financial, [...]

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The Greek crisis

What's going to happen to Greece and the eurozone?

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What’s on China’s Mind?

During my recent visit to China I’ve given a few lectures at the top Beijing universities – Tsinghua, Renmin, Normal, and Beijing – and seminars in some think-tanks and research institutes, including the Center for China and Globalization. I also had couple of meetings with the readers of my new book published in Chinese: “Shi [...]

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If Greece does exit the euro, nobody knows what will happen next. A country like Italy is seriously exposed, and the simple thought that it might be the next to tremble should be enough to scare the hell out of us all, including the euro orthodox thinkers who have brought us to this point.

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Aaron Menenberg Policies of Scale

Aaron Menenberg is Foreign Policy and Energy analyst, and a Future Leader with Foreign Policy Initiative. He also co-hosts Podlitical Risk (@podliticalrisk). He is a graduate student in international relations at The Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Previously he has worked at Praescient Analytics, The Hudson Institute, for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and at the IBM Corporation. The views expressed are his own, and you can follow him on Twitter @AaronMenenberg. He welcomes questions and comments at