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Chinese Investment Could Energize Europe’s Juncker Fund

Amidst lingering European stagnation, Chinese investment holds the potential to rejuvenate the European Fund for Strategic Investments.  In the past, China has indirectly financed the European economy vis-à-vis the European Investment Bank (EIB) bonds. In early June, several European regions and cities courted the four largest Chinese banks – ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank [...]

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The Greek crisis

What's going to happen to Greece and the eurozone?

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When it comes to fiscal policy, it’s better to save for a rainy day than to let it pour

While pro-cyclical fiscal policies – ie. expansionary fiscal policies in booms and contractionary fiscal stances in downturns – remain a common feature among developing countries, some countries have recently moved toward a less pro-cyclical fiscal stance, as a result of stronger institutions. From theoretical and risk management points of view, a countercyclical fiscal policy can [...]

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Markets are edging closer to a crucial moment. Ultra low interest rates and quantitative easing have been ineffective in restarting growth and inflation. Instead, they have created asset price bubbles and distorted markets. Major instability across financial markets may result.

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